How it Works?

Looking for a trusted and professional corporate valet dry cleaning company?
Tired of having to change your dry cleaner over taste and cleaning preferences?
Looking to give your employees, tenants, or members the luxury treatment they deserve

We understand our corporate clients lead busy lives and do not have the spare time to make dry cleaning arrangements. This is where we come in. Whether you want to keep a team of workers happy and motivated or run a service that needs a high level of corporate dry cleaning expertise, Brand Box Autometic Dry Cleaners will go the extra mile to provide premium dry cleaning and world-class customer service.

We offer an all-inclusive corporate dry cleaning service that’s custom-tailored service to suit your needs

Our corporate dry cleaning services include but are not limited to:

◼️ Office attire ◼️ Party and formal wear ◼️ Duvets and blankets ◼️ Wedding dress ◼️ Work Uniforms ◼️ Parks and Games uniforms